Maxiiot joins LoRa Alliance to co-promote the standardization development of LPWAN industry

  • Publish Time : 2017-09-14
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  • Author : Maxiiot Ltd

The Embedded World 2018 was held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 27 February to 1 March . Maxiiot contribute to LoRaWAN Ecosystem with complete IoT products and solutions. We showcased our technology and partner solutions with our partner IEI corporation .Maxiiot is a solution provider that focuses on IoT projects design and supply chain service. Participate in low power wide area internet of things since 2015 , Officially became a member of Lora Alliance in April 2017. Our advanced, certificated , low power consumption LoRaWAN products enabling our client to realize their IoT projects reliably and on time.

Most of Maxiiot’s LoRa module support secondary development , will open source in March 2018 “says Tony Lee , CEO of Maxiiot Limited. The MG9310 LoRaWAN gateway is a 8 channels outdoor gateway router released in 2018, effective communication range up to 15Km , can connected to thousands to millions devices, with IP65 waterproof casing . Combine with Maxiiot’s self developed LoRa-based sensors such as GPS tracker , smoke sensor , temperature and humidity sensor , Maxiiot is able to provide client with solutions in various vertical applications , such as asset tracking, transportation and logistics, smart agriculture, environmental monitoring, industrial automation and smart cities. In 2018, Maxiiot committed to launch more IoT products and service, co-promote the development of low power wide area IoT ecosystem.